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Abstract Traxx - Tnoc - Check out Tnoc's experimental style of abstract, psychedelic hip hop!

Adam Selzer - The bastard child of Bob Dylan and some Muppet.

Arhythmatik - Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Arhythmatik is one of the underground hip-hop's most prominent up-and-coming artists.

Borialis - A killer band with a rock sound and flowing rhyme!

Burnside Project - Combining hip hop, ambient drum elements with melodic indie rock guitars and lyrics. From New York City.

Buzz Session - B-MASTER K and JENA deliberately produce various sophisticated, high-quality sounds influenced with house, hip-hop, R&B and acid jazz.

Crut - An evolving musical project for one man means cool listening for you.

Ctraffic - Self Proclaimed "King of the Welfare Babies" brings you the most original hip hop music you'll hear.

Defined Print - Defined Print is a unique act that combines dancing, rhyming and turntablism.

Degenerates - Formed in 1994, Degenerates have grown spiritually and musically to incorporate the sounds of reggae, hip-hop and punk.

Domestic Disturbance - Mixing samples and more, DJ CHUNK provides the perfect undercurrent for the intensly heavy vocals and guitar that complete the Domestic Disturbance sound !

Faded - Rhythmic metal with hip hop and spanish influences.

Froglick - Punk, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Funk, Ska, Hip-Hop, Rock-A-Billy, you name it... we'll throw it in our blender and see what comes out.

I Rock with Iraqi music from America - Hijackalope showcases the best of music from Iraq and America.

Jive Turkey Productions - Home to DJ Dax, Ant Savage and other fine artists.

Kimon - Navarre recording artist Kimon is NJ based singer songwriter guitarist with a serious backing band.

Mr. Pink - Mr. Pink is a rock band from Vancouver B.C., known for its high energy guitars, hip hop influence and streetwise lyrics.

Najuah - Najuah is busy making songs and videos and are also building a killer website.

Phunkthouse - Hip Hop is back and it's here to stay!

Powder - Wyoming Hip Hop! - Powder's busy slicin' heads in Rawlins, WY! Check him out before he blows up!

Shorty Roc - This site features one of the Greatest Rappers alive - Shorty Roc* Don't be caught sleeping !

Slumdwellaz - If you're already here than you already know that we're a hard-as-fuck rap group.

Slumdwellaz on myspace - Be our friend. Please?

Sniper Productions - Check out Sniper Productions for an assortment of up-and-comers hiphop/rap mp3s!

Soma Mestizo - Soma Mestizo is sexy, intelligent, world beat; it's superluxisexxxy!

Super Dank Brothers - Rocking AND rapping, check out the Super Dank Brothers!

Super Manning - So from then on he has taken the title "SuperManning," and has blown up the scene of Hip Hop wherever he goes.

The Rhythm Merchant - A one man rock band with a unique sound that incorporates elements of reggae, funk, and hip hop.

Trystic - Aspects of funk, folk, trance, hip-hop, and rock to create a surprising, refreshing, and very intense sound.

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